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7 Days / 6 Nights Swiss Hiking


  • Discover:
    Thusis, Heinzenberg, Appenzell, Bellinzona, Splügen, Italy.
  • Experience:
    Picnicking at and/or swimming in an alpine lake, alpine hiking, and camping in the Swiss Alps, swimming in a lake which is the lowest point of Switzerland, eating at a Grotto.
Day 1
Arrival and pick up at Zürich airport / Zürich main train station / hotel in Zürich.
A scenic drive along the Lake of Zürich, Lake Walen and the majestic Churfirsten mountain range to the Holiday Corner of Switzerland. Welcome to the land of 150 valleys, 615 alpine lakes and 937 mountain peaks. Pass the Heidi World, THE Pinot Noir region of Switzerland and the oldest city in Switzerland. Continue to drive through Graubünden, the most diversified and largest but the least densely populated canton of Switzerland, known for her widely untouched landscapes and home to three of the four cultures of Switzerland.
Drive into the valley of castles & ruins before checking into your hotel embedded at the foot of an inner alpine valley, also known as the ‘Orchard of Graubünden'. Here, in the geographic heart of the Alps, is the crossroads of the high and ancient alpine passes.
Rest in hotel or discover the little town where you will be staying for the next few days. Hike to an alpine lake and have a picnic there. Swim or relax by the lake or hike to a hill which overlooks the pretty Safien Valley. See beautiful alpine flowers and "alpine pizzas" along the way. If the farmers are around (approx. on Jun 20 to around Sep 10), buy fresh milk or cheese. Complimentary welcome drink during dinner.
Day 2
After following a path for a few hundred metres, you will reach the highest woods of the area where domestic goats from the alpine village are sometimes grazing. While walking up higher, you can see the view opening to almost all different directions except that of your destination, Muttnerhorn (Mount Muttner), that now stands right in front of you. You will spend the second hour of your hike gaining most of the altitude of this mountain. The Swiss flag awaits you at the peak where you will have your lunch. (Estimated time to reach summit: 2 hours).
Day 3
Take a gondola ride up to an alp where farmers bring their animals to during summer. Then take a nice hike down to lake which mirrors its surroungings. See historical caves and the lovely alpine fauna & flora. Next, visit a town rich in Swiss culture. In this town known for her specialties like cheese, sausage, milk, beer etc, see beautiful typical Appenzeller buildings and architecture.
Day 4
Bellinzona - capital of the Italian-speaking canton Ticino in the southern part of Switzerland, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its city walls and 3 famous castles enclosing a picturesque vineyard. Experience the Saturday morning market and feel a different ambiance here. Next, visit the medieval castle(s) or do some shopping. A choice of a lunch picnic at one of the castles or at the lowest point of Switzerland, where people go to with their private boats. Then visit the famous medieval bridge in a valley where the opening scene of James Bond 007 ‘Goldeneye’ was filmed or go to a beautiful lakeside town situated at the foot of the southern Swiss Alps. For dinner, go to a grotto* to try south-eastern Swiss cuisine. (* where people from the Swiss south valleys stored their foodstuff before the refrigerator was invented)
Day 5
Walk through a forest and an alpine grassland before reaching a natural amphitheatre of mountains with lakes as its stage. See beautiful cotton grass growing near the lakes. Picnic by and/or swim in the lakes. Camp by the lakes overnight or stay in a nearby hut. (Estimated time to reach lakes: 2 hrs.)
Day 6
Begin your hike from the biggest cow alp in Graubünden. Walking through alpine pastures, we will reach a meandering stream which flows into Lake Grand. Following a path along a steep and jagged rock wall, we will arrive at a pass where you become an audience to a wonderful sight of a colony of mystical capricorns. (Estimated time to reach destination: approx. 2 hrs)
Day 7
Hotel check-out. Scenic ride to Zürich airport / Zürich main train station / hotel in Zürich. Please do NOT schedule your flight to depart Zürich airport before 10:45 am.

Note: As we would very much want our hikers to get the most out of our tours, the sequence and/or parts of the content of the above itinerary are subject to changes depending on weather conditions, forthcoming special events and unforeseen circumstances.

What's included:

  • Transfer to and fro Zürich airport / Zürich main train station / hotel in Zürich.
    (Transfer to Zürich on last day not included for budget tours. Top-up applies.)
  • 5 nights hotel accommodation in a countryside town.
  • 4 Swiss buffet breakfasts. (Not included for budget tours)
  • 4 Swiss dinners. (Not included for budget tours)
  • 1 driver-hiking guide.
  • 1 touring vehicle.

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