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Some of the alpine flowers that you may see in the Swiss Alps when you go hiking ... they make you want to go to the mountains again and again, higher and further, to discover more and more ...

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“I love to go a wandering, along the mountain tracks
And as I go, I love to sing, my knapsack’s on my back ... ”

Remember the song 'The Happy Wanderer' that you might have sung in primary school? Re-live this song in Switzerland. Let our local, experienced, certified hiking guide show you the way in the Swiss Alps. The mountains are his second home.

Capricorn Tour / Steinbock Tour
Hike past an alpine lake in the mountains with a meandering stream running into it. Reach a pass and take out your binoculars. Try to spot capricorns or chamois.
(Estimated time to reach destination: 2 hours)

Source of River Rhine Hike / Rheinquelle Tour
Take a one-and-a-quarter hours hike to see the source of the River Rhine which is one of Europe's longest rivers. The Rhine, originating from the Swiss Alps, flows through Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and finally into the North Sea. Enjoy the paradise destination or walk further up to an SAC (Swiss Alpine Club) hut where there is a restaurant.

Mount Beverin Tour / Piz Beverin Tour
Hike up Mount Beverin 2997.5 metres above sea level. Hear marmots whistling to each other in their high-pitched voice. Cow-bells clang as cows graze in the meadows filled with alpine flowers. If you are lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of a capricorn or two and perhaps a group of chamois, very shy alpine animals. (Estimated time to reach summit: 2 hours 30 mins)

Alpine Lakes Tour &/or Lakeside Camping / Bergseen Tour &/od. Camping
Hike up to the lakes in the mountains. There are altogether 5 alpine lakes with 3 of them beside each other. See beautiful cotton grass growing near the lakes. Picnic, swim or camp there by the lakes overnight. Alternatively, you may stay in the nearby, very simple hut.
(Estimated time to reach lakes: 2 hours)

Mount Muttner / Muttnerhorn Tour
Hike up this mountain with an altitude of 2401 metres above sea level. Take a picture with the Swiss flag when you reach the top and proudly show your friends, family, colleagues etc that you hiked up to one of the summits of the Swiss Alps! Write your name and country in the summit book and make your country proud of you.
(Estimated time to reach summit: 2 hours)

Top of Europe Hamlet Hike / Höchstgelegenes Dorf von Europa Tour
Starting from the highest all-year-round settled hamlet in Europe, walk up to a pass on an old mule-track which was used during the past centuries for the transportation of goods. Hike along a few lakes in order to finally arrive at another pass with a wonderful view nearby. Come to a meeting point where three of the four of Switzerland's cultures come together and see Europe's most important watershed from where waters flow to three different seas.
(Hiking duration: approximately 5 hours.)

Sunrise Hike / Sonnenaufgang Tour
Ride up by cable car and aerial passenger line in the early morning to a summit with a view of a thousand peaks! Become witness to a romantic sunrise in an unforgettable landscape. Breakfast buffet at the summit's panorama restaurant. Downhill hike.
(Hiking duration: approximately 4 hours)

Seealpsee / Seealpsee Tour
Take a cable car up to Ebenalp, a place where farmers bring their animals to in summer. Hike down to a beautiful lake called SeeAlpsee. See alpine flora and fauna. Lunch picnic by the lake or eat at a restaurant. Then hike down to the car park. Opportunity to mingle with, stroke or take pictures with the alpine animals along the way.

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