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Makan Special

Here are some of the more popular Swiss food that you will have the opportunity to try.

Put your cheese, onion slices, capers, pepper powder, paprika powder, raclette spices in a little raclette tray and let your cheese melt in the raclette-maker. Eaten with boiled potato or bread, corn and pickled vegetables like silver onion, cucumber etc.

Fondue Chinoise
This means ‘Chinese fondue’ when translated to English. Similar to Chinese steamboat but with finely sliced meat like pork, beef, chicken, venison or horse meat etc. These meat and fruits like banana, pineapple etc are eaten with various dips such as yoghurt sauce, cocktail sauce, avocado sauce etc.

Bündner Teller
This means ‘Bündner plate’ which actually refers to Graubünden’s famous ‘Bündnerfleisch' or air-dried meat finely sliced served cold on a plate. Eaten with bread and pickled vegetables. Additionally, order a risotto etc.

This ‘herb dumpling’ is made of minced meat and pasta wrapped with vegetable leaves. Served in soup or with cream sauce.

The typical Swiss cuisine: Cheese fondue. Eaten normally with diced bread. Vegetable like potato, carrot, broccoli or cauliflower can be added too.

Eat your Rösti with sausages, eggs or melted cheese!

Bündner Nusstorte (Bündner Nut Pie)
If you are from Graubünden and ask a Swiss who lives in another region of Switzerland what they want from Graubünden, they will tell you to bring them a Bündner Nusstorte because many of them like this Bündner nut pie which is made of caramel, walnuts and other good stuff.


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