What our Travellers had to say:

Well, it has been two weeks since our return from the grand time in your country. Chizuko and I want you to know that the trip was excellent. With your daily efforts you showed us something new and interesting every day....the diversity of the points of interests - many of which are off the beaten path. You were also very considerate to Chizuko as she was sometimes a little slow in keeping up, for which I am grateful. ... the lunch stops were at interesting places - very nicely selected. The one on the glacier was outstanding (just like Zermatt in our past). Without a doubt, the Engadin is a great destination and it will allways be in our hearts and as Lenzerheide. The size of the group (8 persons) is good. We would like to do your Swiss UNESCO tour in 2009.

- Wilhelm 75 & Chizuko Sievers 78, New York, USA (4th time in Switzerland)
10 Days Swiss Discovery
The overall tour is excellent. Visits to nooks and corners without other excited travellers around. Interesting and impressionable experiences. Personalised tour services.
Thank you ever so much for giving us such a wonderful time in Switzerland. It was a truly Enchanting Switzerland experience! I dare say that it topped all the holidays we have experienced so far. We brought home such fond memories of the trip and the good company we had.......... We appreciate it very much that you assisted us in many ways throughout our trip. 
- Lim Lay Jean 57, Seasoned Traveller, Normanton Park, Singapore
14 Days Enchanting Switzerland
(Reference contact: +6592202289)
For the beautiful and unforgetable experience, thank you very much. Accommodating team and very knowledgeable tour-guide-cum-driver. I've joined several tours in the past, I think yours is the best. Good luck and wishing you all the best. Take care always.
- Dr Alma Enriquez 50, Pediatrician & Neonatologist, Manila, Philippines
10 Days Scenic Switzerland
The overall tour is excellent. What I specially like about Tour 168's tour is the small group, personal service, flexibility, opportunity for photographs (upon request), friendly tour guides with very good knowledge of the area and plenty of laughs. You both have been fantastic and our time in Switzerland has been a wonderful conclusion to our European vacation. I have to say the Switzerland portion was the highlight.
Ken Bugden 50, CFO, Mighty River Power (Waste Mgt NZ Ltd), Auckland, New Zealand
5 Days Swiss Gems

The flexibility and knowledge of the team. The effective shuffling of the itinerary based on weather and experience ensured we got the best possible experience from the mountain views and 'mini hikes'. Also the personal touch from the team makes the tour much more enjoyable.

- Arthur Wong 21, Undergrad, Univerisity of Michigan, USA
10 Days Scenic Switzerland
I would like to say a big Thank You to you and Mario for making our visit so memorable and special. We appreciate the way you went out of the way just to plan everything to max out our trip. Thanks for all the other things... the santa claus buns, looking after Nicole (2 years old) for me, entertaining her, Mario taking the children for numberous rides, the sweets and candy, and so many other things.. Hey, you guys went all out just to make the trip enjoyable for us!
- Crystal Sng 37, MD, iWorld Access, Singapore
8 Days Swiss Autumn (with snow activities)
(Reference contact: +6596330298)
Flexibility & specialised. Not too big a group, size (8 persons) just right. Very friendly and open guides. Solid and very personalised tours. Lovely, untouristy and very 'targeted' places. Very good.
- Tan Yu-An 30, Production Supervisor, Manufacturing, Panasonic, Singapore
14 Days Enchanting Switzerland
The small towns & villages! Really enjoyed myself. Best holiday ever! Thanks for making this trip enjoyable. Looking forward to future Switzerland trips - hiking, mountain climbing, experience more country life, GOLF TOUR! Driver's driving skills on the narrow alpine (mountain) roads and the mountain pass roads are excellent!
- Terence Tham 21, Undergrad, Singapore Management University, Singapore
10 Days Scenic Switzerland (with light hiking)
Thank you so much for your time and patience with us.   Am very glad to have found and decided to take the tour with you all. We had a very good time and impression of Switzerland because you both made it so!   I especially enjoyed the countryside visits and the beautiful sceneries all around.  Love to just look out and admire the beautiful creation of God.   You both have been so wonderful ... Specially enjoyed the home visit and the wonderful Swiss dinner experience.  Both of you are so helpful and accommodative that I really don't feel that I was in a tour group but rather more like visiting friends and spending time with them. I hope to have another opportunity to visit you and Switzerland again and probably prepare myself first before trying to do the hike!
- Fenni Oh 42, Givaudan, Singapore
7 Days Swiss Autumn
The personal touch, well-planned visits to the sites, variety of activities. How can Tour 168 improve? You are already doing good.
- Dr Teresa Dizon 49, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Manila, Philippines
10 Days Scenic Switzerland
Being able to visit more rural areas. Away from big cities. Hikes and walks. Relaxing and not rushed. Flexible programs. Very friendly and helpful guides. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks!
- Grace Loo, PhD Student, Adelaide, Australia
10 Days Scenic Switzerland (with light hiking)
Personalised. Informative. You guys were great company. Generous at heart. Made us feel really comfortable, especially being so far from home. Thank you for bringing us to nice places to eat. All were yummy-licious! More so, many thanks for the Swiss home visit - also PRICELESS!
- Christie Lam 49, Payroll Administrator, Pacific Personnal & Mgt Consultants, Singapore
10 Days Swiss View
What I like especially about the tour is that more time has been allocated for each activity so there was no rushing. I enjoyed rodel tobogganing and the horse carriage ride. The tour is flexible and can be modified according to guest's requirement and weather. Thanks for making Du Pont Trip to Switzerland a great success.  Most importantly, the dealers who came along for the trip enjoyed themselves.
- Chee Chaw Foh 44, Manager-in-Charge of Du Pont Incentive Trip, Sabah, Malaysia
8 Days Swiss Discovery
Overall tour is excellent. The tour is highly personalised. Very flexible. Tour organisers very friendly and accommodating. The destinations of the mountains and villages are most interesting.

- Loke Swee Fatt 58, Ministry of Defence, Singapore
10 Days Enchanting Switzerland

Thank you for the photos!  It was very nice of you to do all these extras for us.  Plus all the places' names etc.  Must be the best service we have ever received from a tour operator.  We really appreciate it! It's been 3 weeks since we returned. Our vacation in Switzerland has been a good one - we have lots of good memories of it.  My children (11 & 6 yrs) have learnt a lot from this trip.  For me, I miss the peace, easy availability of free and clean drinking water, fresh air etc . . . Hope Mario and you are doing fine.  I find the passion and dedication that both of you have in your work inspiring.  Keep it up. Do keep in touch.  Take care and God bless!
- Ng Chen Woon 40, Homemaker, Bukit Timah, Singapore
11 Days Swiss Spring
I had a wonderful holiday. It's different from the other tours. I loved every moment that I see and do during the tour .... able to see alot of the beautiful countryside, experince light hiking in the Alps and taste different food etc, thanks to you. I miss the snowfall and the bread.

- Ho Sow Chun 59, Head of Housekeeping, Strand Hotel, Singapore
10 Days Enchanting Switzerland

The flexibility in the itinerary; the knowledgeable Tour 168 Team; the 'personal touch' throughout the trip; the hiking experience; the guide and the 'uncommercial' treatment throughout the entire tour ...
- Low Swee Hian 30, Singapore
10 Days Swiss Spring (with hiking)

Very scenic. Brought us really close to nature. Very personal. Guides very knowledgeable, friendly and personable. Thanks for bearing with all our nonsense and troublesomeness! Had a great time with you all and your great sense of humour! God Bless!

- Jermaine Loo 19, Undergrad, Hospitality Management, UK
10 Days Scenic Switzerland (with light hiking)


We've been on holiday with Andrea and Mario twice already. Last year with my 80+ year old parents and this year (end Mar- beginning Apr), with my own entire family - all 7 of us. If you want a truly magnificent and magical Swiss holiday then Tour168 is the only place to go to. The places you see in the pictures posted on their Facebook page are very, very real and you will get to see and experience it all with this lovely couple. It was more like holidaying with friends! If creating memories is what you want, then this is it. If a Swiss holiday is your dream, then Tour168 is the dream-maker!

- Audrey Kwong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(10 Days Best of Switzerland)
(Reference contact: +60122781281)

On Tour 168 one has a knowledgeable, warm and gracious husband /wife team giving the opportunity to experience some of the most amazing Swiss sites and experiences. We travel often and this has our first organized tour as a family. Everything is taken care of for a true family adventure. Exceptional.
- Helen Stamatacos, USA
(7 Days Swiss Discovery)
Personal touch, guides went out of their way for us. Freedom to pick and choose what we wanted to do/not do. Winter sports lots of fun! Excellent accommodation. Lots of food! Delicious desserts. Overall tour is excellent. Thanks heaps, had a great time. Thanks for going out of your way for us.
- Nicole Synnot 26, Graphic Designer/Artworker, Perth, Australia
10 Days Swiss Winter
The trekking guide's intimate knowledge of the mountains, your personal attention, physically challenging for me and the panorama view of the mountains are what I especially like about the trekking tour.
- Yip Peng Kwong 52, Accountant, Singapore
10 Days Swiss Mountain Explorer
Very knowledgeable trekking guide who cared about how hikers were doing. Hikes chosen for great vistas. The enthusiasm of Mario and Andrea was appreciated. They were very helpful and kind from helping us buying groceries, letting us use their internet and inviting us to their home.
- Doreen Smale 60, Admin Assistant, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd, Calgary, Canada
10 Days Swiss Mountain Explorer
The overall tour is very good, the driver is commendable, the service is very good. Thank you for your patience. I have been to lots of tours but never felt like going back to the same country. At least for Switzerland, I feel like coming back again, this time, in winter.
- Soh Khia Buckingham 58, homemaker, Floreat, Perth, Australia
15 Days Swiss Experience
The small group, visit less accessible areas, your knowledge/expertise of the weather/roads allows us to see the most of the place. I like the flexibility. Mario as a guide provides lots of stability due to his knowledge & expertise with the roads and mountains. Feel safe when the children (4 & 2 yrs) play under his supervision. Very personalised. Love the fact that Andrea is a Singaporean. Familiarity in the land of unfamiliarity. Appreciate the way you tried to accommodate everyone. Good job!
- Gloria Ma, Teacher, Singapore
6 Days Swiss Fun

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