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These are some of the tours that we cover throughout the year.

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Quaint Swiss Villages
Visit villages in a valley in the eastern end of Switzerland and see pretty Engadiner houses with sgraffitto-decorated facades - delicately painted patterns and frescoes, deep-set funnel-shaped windows, large wooden doors, colourful window boxes dripping with flowers. The streets are cobbled, making walking with heels a torture!

Stein am Rhein
Known as "the most beautiful small town in Switzerland", she is famed throughout Europe and is full of ancient houses with typical scrafity paintings on the walls. It is a place with a striking appearance and rich in history: it is well-known for its intact medieval town center with ancient framed houses, some painted with flamboyant frescoes, and for its picturesque narrow lanes. It lies on the shores of the beautiful River Rhine surrounded by a unique landscape.

This lovely canton is not only known for her beautiful countryside landscapes but also for her specialties like cheese, various beer creation, sausages, milk etc. It is also where world champion Formula 1 racing car driver, Micheal Schumacher (German), wanted to build his home and send his children to school but was unfortunately not granted permission. Admire typical Appenzeller houses that are beautifully painted.

St. Moritz
She has hosted the Winter Olympics in 1928 & 1948 as well as the Alpine Ski World Championship 2003. It is where the wealthy go to enjoy their riches. In winter, take a ride on the world's only natural bobsleigh run which is also the longest in the world.

Both a winter and summer resort.

Top of Switzerland Mountain Visit
This is the closest you can get to see the impressive ice-packed Bernina massive and her glaciers, the highest group of mountains in the Eastern Alps, well-loved by mountaineers.

The Only Duty-Free Oasis in Switzerland
From the lower Engadine we will penetrate the wilder reaches of the valley up to the Austrian border. Just before the frontier, a minor road curls back to climb into a cramped, isolated valley, at the very end of which sits this lovely oasis, the only German-speaking community in the region and, for some bizarre reason, a duty-free area. The whole place is crammed with banks, shops, coffee houses and cut-price petrol stations etc, all open long hours including Sundays which is pretty unusual for Switzerland. In winter, it turns into a ski resort.

Swiss Wellness
Pamper yourself to a hay bath, pumpkin bath or evening primrose bath. Try a Swiss massage or an organic sauna.

Horse Carriage Ride in the Beautiful Swiss Countryside
Let Swiss horses take you through villages and pass by lakes where families go to enjoy the summer or locals go for their walks along. If you are doing this ride in winter, pass by the frozen lakes and see cross-country skiers ski or the locals go for a walk on them.

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