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10 Days / 9 Nights Swiss Mountain Explorer (Trekking Tour)

This tour has been put together by a passionate Swiss mountaineer. Some prior mountain hiking experience is necessary. Experience trekking in the Swiss Alps, which is one of the two favourite pastimes of the Swiss!
(We also tailor-make treks according to your preference. Do feel free to write to us.)


  • Discover:
    The eastern Swiss Alps, the source of the River Rhine, the highest hamlet in Europe, the Swiss National Park, wild animals and get to know more about Swiss history, culture etc.
  • Experience:
    Sunrise with breakfast buffet and view of 1000 summits, widely untouched nature, swimming in crystal clear alpine lakes etc.
Day 1
Pick up from Zürich airport / Zürich main train station / hotel in Zürich. Scenic drive to hotel and check in. Get a first idea of where you will be staying for the next 10 days. In the afternoon, go for a first and easy hike in the nearby hills. If the temperature is warm enough, do not hesitate swimming in an idyllic alpine lake surrounded by a splendid range of mountains. Complimentary welcome drink during dinner.
(Hiking duration: approximately 2 hours,
Elevation difference: up 300 m, down 330 m, distance: 5.5 km)
Day 2
On this late summer day, take a step higher up. Following a hiking path, we will reach the region's landmark mountain standing at 2997.5 metres above sea level. From here, you will have an amazing view rolling over the nearby valleys and on a splendid day, to the far away Western Alps. BBQ lunch at the summit of this mountain. Descend via an 8 metres high ladder which leads you from the main slopes of Piz Beverin to the ridge of the so-called small Beverin. Almost at the end of the hike we will cool down our feet in a creek of fresh mountain water.
(Hiking duration: approximately 5 hours,
Elevation difference : up 900 m, down 900 m, distance: 5.5 km)
Day 3
Situated at the western end of Switzerland's largest canton, Graubünden, the River Rhine has its source in the middle of an impressive mountain arena. Walk up to this hidden place, a lake, from where we will journey to a SAC Hut. (SAC = Swiss Alpine Club)
(Hiking duration: approximately 6 hours,
Elevation difference : up 530 m, down 530 m, distance: 9.5 km)
Day 4
From the highest all-year-round settled village in Europe, we ascend on an old mule-track to a pass. From here we are able to overview the area, which represents Europe's most important watershed, supplying rivers that flow to the Black Sea, the Adriatic Sea and the North Sea. Continuing our ascent to another direction we arrive on the second pass of the day and get rewarded by a totally different view. Optionally there is an opportunity to make a short trip to a nearby peak. This would, however, give way to a vast vista towards east and the famous Julier route leading to St. Moritz.
(Hiking duration without trip to nearby peak: approximately 5 hours,
Elevation difference: up and down 700 m each, distance: 10 km)
Day 5
Scenic drive to the upper Engadine valley. Take a chairlift ride. Hike up on a marked hiking path to reach the summit at 3261.9 metres above sea level and have a thrilling view to the ice-packed and highest mountains of the whole eastern Alps (the Bernina Group) at a distance of only 12 kilometres in front of you. Far view of up to 200 kilometres!! Spot some members of the largest capricorn colony in Switzerland.
(Hiking duration: approximately 7 hours,
Elevation difference: up 1000 m, down1280 m, distance: 16 km)
Day 6
Drive to the lower Engadine valley. Take a taxi for the first half of the ascend. The second half that we will hike up brings us to a look-out point at 2945 metres. From there, we enjoy a breathtaking view over the Engadin valley on one side, some of its neighbouring valleys and mountains and last but not least to the beautiful lake plateau in the only National Park in Switzerland. A half-an-hour after we have left the peak at the look-out point, we arrive at Fuorcletta da Barcli at 2850 metres above sea level. Have a last view back to the Engadin valley before we start hiking down from a high alpine area to the pastures of our destination village.
(Hiking duration: approximately 6 hours,
Elevation difference : up 730 m, down 1500 m, distance: 15 km)
Day 7

Departing from a small, old but pretty village, we will hike up through an alpine forest to the mountainous area above. Experience the change from the lower woods up to the meagre meadows and further to the rocky region with its abandoned lakes. The mountains which stand behind the topmost lake are often mirrored on the lake's surface. Enjoy your picnic in a boat at this relaxing place. On another path, we will hike back to our initial point where we have a chance to dip our feet in the cooling deep clear water of a cold brook coming down from Splügenpass.
(Hiking duration: approximately 6 hours,
Elevation difference : up 800 m, down 800 m, distance: 12.5 km)

Day 8
A half-an-hour drive brings you on a language, culture and climatic border on the way to the south of Switzerland. There, where German and Italian meet in the geographical heart of the Alps, we walk below the impressive flanks of the Vogelberg, far apart the mountain road. After hardly an hour the trail leads us into a side valley where the mountain creek is our permanent companion, once meandering then again wild and overwhelming. Alternative: Optional summit climb with imposing view over the region as well as towards the southern Ticino. After reaching a col at the main crest of the Alps, we descend in front of the backdrop of another magistrate of the Graubünden Alps with a 1500 Meter tall west face. Passing along a remoted alp with long history we walk on a good path down through a small gorge to the young river Rhine.
(Hiking duration approximately 7 hours,
Elevation difference: up 500 m, down 1050 m, distance 14 km.)
Day 9
Ride up by cable car and aerial passenger line in the early morning to a summit in central Graubünden with a view of a thousand peaks! Become witness of a romantic sunrise in an unforgettable landscape. Breakfast buffet at the summit's panorama restaurant. Downhill hike.
(Hiking duration: approximately 4 hours,
Elevation difference: up 50 m, down 1050 m, distance: 9 km)
Day 10
Scenic ride to Zürich airport / Zürich main train station / hotel in Zürich. Please do NOT schedule your flight to depart Zürich airport before 10:45 am.


1) Itinerary is subject to changes depending on weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

2) If you wish to do other destinations, we are also able to tailor-make hiking/trekking tours for you. Do write to us at tours @

What's included:

  • Transfer to and fro Zürich airport / Zürich main train station / hotel in Zürich.
    (Transfer to Zürich on last day not included for budget tours. Top-up applies.)
  • 9 nights hotel accommodation in a countryside town.
  • 8 buffet breakfasts. (Not included for budget tours)
  • 9 three or four-course dinners. (Not included for budget tours)
  • 1 driver-guide.
  • 1 touring vehicle.

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