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Who are Tour 168's Tours for?

Travelling Style

1. Those who do not like to join big tour groups. We take a maximum of 15 persons per tour.

2. Those who do not like to get up at unearthly hours. Our tours usually begin between 8:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.

3. Those who do not want a holiday stress. We are known for our relaxing tours.

4. Those who do not like to check in and check out of hotels every 1, 2 or 3 days. We use a base hotel in the countryside throughout the tour and spend 2 nights in 2 village houses in 2 different villages.

5. Those who have very young children, children in general or aged parents. We take care of them well. The pace of our tour is very suitable for them.

6. Those who want to participate in decision-making during the tour.

7. Those who want the flexibility to modify their itinerary during the tour (based on group consensus).

8. Those who prefer to enjoy a maximum of 2 or 3 places per day rather than the mad touch-and-go rush of covering 5 places in 1 day. In this way, you would have more time to look around, take good photos, enjoy a cup of coffee or pastry in some villages or towns that we take you to.

9. Those who want to optimise views of the picturesque scenery or avoid cloudy areas to prevent wasted trips . View of the panorama (e.g. mountains, beautiful landscape along the way) is not always possible in Switzerland due to fog, low clouds etc i.e. scenery may be blocked by clouds when you reach the top of the mountain (zero visibility from the summit) or when you travel along the way to your destination. However, all this can be avoided because different parts of Switzerland can have different types of weather in one day. Tour 168 of Switzerland has the expertise and know-how to do optimise the view e.g. travel according to weather conditions and shuffling itinerary etc thus maximising the benefit to our travellers .

10. Those who want to have the flexibility to request for a stop of our Tour 168 mini-coach so that they could get down to take photos or simply to admire and enjoy the scenery etc.

11. Those who want to experience the Swiss way of travelling and go to places that we Swiss prefer.

12. Those who want to see but not be seen. The windows of our mini-coach are tinted. Nobody can see you from the outside.

13. Those who usually travel on their own but for Switzerland and her neighbouring countries, they prefer to have someone take care of them due to the following reasons:
i) Language handicap - they don't speak German/Italian/French & because signs are all in these 3 languages.
ii) Right-hand driving.
iii) Road conditions. Icy, frosted, snowy or narrow mountain roads may be a hazard.
iv) To have someone who knows the "secrets" of off-the-beaten track, showing them the hidden GEMS of Switzerland.

14. Those who want to experience travelling through really beautiful places where trains and big coaches do not pass through.

Tour Content / Destinations

15. Those who want a different experience from the usual group tours.

16. Those who want a diversified tour program instead of purely sight-seeing. We also offer experiences and activities.

17. Those who are not city-hoppers i.e. if you prefer to cover authentic towns and quaint villages as well.

18. Those who also want to visit untouristy or less commercialised areas.

19. Those who would like to have the opportunity to visit a Swiss home.

20. Those who want to enjoy good food.

21. Those who would like to experience snow and snowfalling. It is only approximately a 20-min van ride from the hotel that we accommodate you! And the best part is that you do not have to pay extra for costly cable car or train ride to see them! Tour 168 of Switzerland drives you to see them! (Come between Dec to Mar. Sometimes you may already see them in Nov if the snow comes early or you may still see them in Apr & May if the snow comes late.)

22. Those who want an inexpensive ski holiday.

23. Those who would like to discover the hidden treasures of Switzerland.


24. Those who would like to customise their Switzerland tours.

Why Tour 168?

1. We are a Swiss company. Who else better to travel with then the locals themselves?

2. Our core business is to conduct packaged tours in Switzerland.

3. Value for money - you pay 50% more if you plan the same tour on your own. However, it is highly unlikely that you are able to plan the same tours on your own because you probably lack the local knowledge and the ability to speak the language here.

4. Our optional tours are very reasonably priced.

5. Airport transfers, touring vehicle, driver, guide, all breakfasts & dinners are provided.

6. No hassle about car rental and accommodation booking.

7. No worries about hotel check-in and having to lug heavy luggage around.

8. We will highlight to you events/festivals that are happening in Switzerland near or at the places that you will be going to and are able to shuffle your itinerary so that you are able to go to these events/festivals if you are interested. Examples of these are farmers' brunch (summer), chalandarmarz (end-winter where children chase way the winter), sleigh dog race, knights' festival, folkdance festival, bob sleigh or skeleton race (winter), horse-racing on frozen lake, welcome-the-new-year festival, cows-going-on- or -coming-back-from-summer-holiday procession etc.

9. Most importantly, as most of you are here for the picture postcard sceneries, you need someone who is expert in travelling around Switzerland, not just someone to drive and guide you (anybody can do this). You need someone who is able to shuffle your itinerary according to weather so as to avoid cloudy/rainy areas and go to places where the weather is nice because different parts of Switzerland can have different types of weather in one day due to the influence of 4 main European air currents - the Northern Sub Polar, the Mediterranean South, the Eastern Continent and the Atlantic. Sometimes, the whole of Switzerland can have good weather (then you are very lucky) or bad weather (that is when you need Tour 168 of Switzerland). Many travellers in Switzerland are ignorant about travelling here e.g. when they reach the mountain top, they are greeted by heavy clouds which block the panorama view, thus providing ZERO visibility. Many travellers are caught unaware here but it is already too late - your money has been wasted in expensive Switzerland because you went up the mountain on the wrong day at the wrong time.

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