Some of our frequently asked questions:

01. Is the weather in Switzerland too cold for me?

The weather in Switzerland ranges from approximately -23°C to 10°C in winter and 18°C to 35°C in summer. In winter, it is never too cold for anyone as long as you wear enough to keep warm. If you are sufficiently clothed, you can feel the cold a little, especially on your face, but will not shiver. The cold is usually a dry cold.

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02. What do I need to bring along?

For winter:
Thermal wear, sun protection cream/lotion, sunglasses, cap that covers your ears, swimming costume, sweater/pullover/fleece jacket, windbreaker/wind jacket, winter gloves, neck-scarf, binoculars, water bottle/thermos flask, knapsack/haversack, ski pants and ski jackets. Most important: Camera or video cam for the picturesque sceneries and personal/individual memoirs. Don’t forget battery chargers or extra camera batteries and a two-pin adapter!

For spring/summer/autumn:
Sun protection cream/lotion, sunglasses, cap/hat, shorts, t-shirts, swimming costume, hiking shoes/track shoes, sweater/pullover/fleece jacket, windbreaker/wind jacket, binoculars, water bottle/thermos flask, mat/cloth for picnic, knapsack/haversack. Most important: Camera or video cam for the picturesque sceneries and persoanl/individual memoirs. Don’t forget battery chargers or extra camera batteries and a two-pin adapter.

(Click here to see how a pair of Hiking Shoes may look like.)

Please kindly note that for our summer tours, we advise you to bring along your warm clothings like sweater/pullover, jeans etc because the weather can be cooler when we go up to higher grounds or the temperature may sometimes drop to below 20°C when it rains.

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03. How much do I need to bring?

CHF1,000 per person would be comfortable for food and drinks, rental of activity equipments and optional tours. We advise you to bring along your credit card for contingency purposes. Currency Converter.

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04. Do I need a travel visa?

Visas may not be required of citizens of the following countries, for stays up to 90 days:
(a) nationals of EU countries, Australia, Canada, Japan and US;
(b) nationals of countries in South and Central America (except nationals of Belize, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru who do need a visa);
(c) nationals of Caribbean island states (except nationals of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti who do need a visa);
(d) nationals of Andorra, Brunei, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Fiji, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Kiribati, Korea (Rep. Of), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Tuvalu and Vatican City;
(e) nationals of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia & Montenegro provided they are resident in Canada, Iceland, Norway, USA or EU countries.

Nationals of countries not appearing above, or those staying longer than 90 days may require a visa.

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05. How do I book for the tour?

First check for the Availability of the tour that you would like to do. If it's available, fill out our Booking Form and either fax it to +41 81 65 16 168,
e-mail the scanned form(s) to us at switzerlandtours @* or post it/them Tour 168 of Switzerland GmbH, Unter Ruvria 9, 7430 Thusis, Switzerland. You could also call us at +41 81 65 16 168 (zone1511 users pay only 10 cents per minute to this fixed line) / +41 787 168 168 (zone1511 users pay only 45 cents per minute to this mobile number).

* spaces have been put in the e-mail address to prevent spammers from using web crawler softwares to automatically "harvest" e-mail addresses from internet sites like this one. To e-mail us, please use the e-mail address as stated above but DELETE THE SPACES.

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06. How do I make payment for the tour?

Payment is to be made to our Swiss bank account with details as follows:

  • Pay to:
    Tour 168 of Switzerland GmbH
    Unter Ruvria 9,
    7430 Thusis,

  • Bank: Raiffeisenbank Mittelbuenden
    Address of bank: 7408 Cazis, Switzerland
    Account number: 34754.11
    IBAN: CH52 8106 3000 0034 7541 1

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07. Do you do air ticket booking?

No, we do not. We are a company that conducts the tour itself. You could do an e-booking of your air tickets or perhaps book through your travel agent in your country.

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08. Which airlines should I take to Switzerland?

Swiss, Qantas, Thai Airways, American Airlines, Air India, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Malaysia Airlines etc. If you are taking an airline other than those mentioned here, the flight should arrive at Zürich airport not later than 8:30 a.m. because our tour commences latest at 9:30 a.m.

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09. I don't have an airline that arrives before 8:30 a.m. What should I do?

You could arrive one day earlier and rest at the nearby airport hotels which are between 5 to 15 mins' drive from Zürich airport. We will pick you up from your hotel the next morning.

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10. I can't seem to see some of the images on the site as they appear cut off, how do I rectify this?

The problem is most likely due to your screen resolution and monitor size. We would recommend that you follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Start button then on the Control Panel option.
  2. When the window appears, double click on the Display icon to open up the options window.
  3. In the Display Properties window, click on the Settings tab.
  4. You should now be able to see an area labelled Screen Resolution with a slider bar at the bottom.
  5. Slide the bar to the right till it reads 1024 by 768 pixels (or more).
  6. Finally, click Ok to confirm the settings. You should be able to see all the images & descriptions now without problem.

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11. When is the best time to go to Switzerland?

Anytime is a good time to come to Switzerland as she looks beautiful all the time in her different seasonal 'outfit' (landscape). It also depends on what you would like to see or do as we have different sceneries (blossoms in spring; lush rich green in summer; autumn colours [yellow, orange, red]; winter snowscape) & different activities during the different seasons. The question should actually be "What will the weather be like tomorrow?" when you are here. This is due to the fact that the weather in ONE day in different parts of this country can vary as Switzerland's weather is influenced by 4 main European air currents - the Atlantic North, the Mediterranean South, the SubPolar and the Continental. Therefore, to be at the right place at the right time or on the right day is VERY important in order to optimise the view of the panoramic landscapes and the Swiss Alps i.e. with blue skies, no fog and no rain to obstruct the great vistas. Good weather is also essential so that you can enjoy your activities. In this way, wasted trips can be prevented and your photos will also turn out like postcards. That is why it is VERY important to check the weather report daily and have the flexibility to reshuffle your itineraries so that you can manoeuvre the weather i.e. steer towards the good weather areas, unless the whole country rains and is covered with grey clouds.

If you just want to do sight-seeing without any activities like snow activities (e.g. skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice-skating), summer activities (e.g. swimming in mountain lakes, hiking in the Swiss Alps, rodel tobogganing), or if seeing snow is not your priority, then anytime of the year is good. Click here to see our Year Round Highlights.

Early spring (approx. from mid-March) is a time when the snow in the lower valleys melts and early spring flowers begin to grow. Often in April, mother nature waters her gardens in this part of the earth to ensure that they produce lovely spring flowers in later spring which is in May and early June. Strawberry-picking is possible. Click here to see our Spring Highlights.

If you like picnics, barbeques or swimming, summer is an ideal time to come experience what it is like to do these things in Switzerland, in the heart of the Alps! Greenery reigns at this time of the year as meadows and forests help mother nature paint the picturesque Swiss sceneries with their rich colours. Summer flowers bloom to contribute to the scenic landscape. This is also the blueberry- and raspberry-picking season. Hiking is popular. Grottos are open for dinner. [Grottos used to be warehouses for the locals before the refrigerator was invented. They have been converted to eating places since.] More adventurous travellers might want to try out rodel tobogganing on the world's longest toboggan run on rails recognised by the Guiness Book of World Record. Once a year, on 1 Aug, we take our travellers to an alp to celebrate the Swiss National Day with the villagers - you get a chance to take brunch cooked and prepared by the farmers' wives and children. After brunch, we take you to see a glacier in the process of melting before your eyes - globa-warming at work! [A glacier is ice that has not melted since the Ice Age which was about 12,000 years ago.]
Click here to see our Summer Highlights | Hiking Highlights.

Mother nature repaints her gardens and changes some of her greenery to red, yellow or orange to add a variety of colours to the landscapes. Hiking is ideal as the view from the mountain peaks is splendid, enabling your eyes to roll a few hundred kilometers on a good day. The air is cooler. A unique activity to witness at this time of the year is to see how approximately eighty goats walk from their stalls to their grazing grounds, with the older ones leading the younger ones across the highway to get to the other side of the road. More adventurous travellers might want to try out rodel tobogganing on the world's longest toboggan run on rails recognised by the Guiness Book of World Record.
Click here to see our Autumn Highlights | Hiking Highlights.

If you want to see snow, have snow flakes falling on you, experience a white Christmas season, go to a Christmas market, or if you are the active or sporty sort, then winter (end-Dec to end-Feb/beginning March) with its accompanying activities like skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice-skating etc. would definitely be the time for you. Beautiful winter snowscapes - snow-covered roofs and pine trees decorated with snow etc is a common sight. If you like water activities, then taking dips in various outdoor and indoor thermal pools with fresh mountain spring water would be an experience if you have not tried them before. Click here to see our Winter Highlights.

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If you have further questions that are not reflected here, do write to us or give us a call.

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