What our Travellers had to say:

Highly recommended. Overall tour is excellent. Able to experience living in the villages, the culture and life of the locals. We feel very at ease with the guides. They were friendly and professional. We had a wonderful 10-day tour and really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for making our honeymoon special. How can Tour 168 improve? N.A. Good job!
- Agnes Liam 25, Teacher, West Grove Primary, Singapore
10 Days Swiss Winter (with snow-shoeing)
Flexibility to reshuffle itineraries according to weather etc which maximises benefit to the travellers. Go od service.
- William Lau 51, CEO, Mainland Gold Pty Ltd, Applecross, Perth, Australia
10 Days Swiss View
The places in the itinerary are very good. Our hotel is in a very central location - can not only go to the north, south, east and central of Switzerland very easily but also to Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy anytime!
- Lilian Lau 56, Businesswoman, Applecross, Perth, Australia
10 Days Swiss View

What I like about the tour is that it's personalised because we travel in a small group. The service is excellent. Thanks for making our honeymoon such a memorable one. It's great!

- Valarie Chan 29, Asst Mgr, MBA Programme, SMU, Singapore
10 Days Swiss View
(Reference contact: valdeny @ hotmail . com)
Unique destinations, get to experience the food and definitely a great value for money! Excellent service.
- Denny Soedibjo 29, Indonesia
(Denny & Valerie were in Switzerland for their honeymoon.)
10 Days Swiss View
(Reference contact: dragis @ hotmail . com)
Personalised services. Being able to decide the program the day before (according to weather). The tour is excellent and hotels fabulous. Love the snow falling in the village. Thank you for showing us your Switzerland.
- Rachel Jackson, Library Development Officer, Stirling, Western Australia
8 Days Swiss View
Really appreciate your personalized service. You have arranged good food and good hotels too. I may come back visiting the west side and hopefully with my daughter/husband.  Lots of compliments came from them when they view my photos.  Thank you for your kind hospitality.
- Rosalind Teng 53, Office Manager, Singapore
10 Days Swiss View
The overall tour is very good. I like sledging, swimming in the variety of pools, the factory outlets near Italy, cable car ride, ski field, the snow, the scenery and Mörli, your cat - so cute!
- Zafirah Raja 11, St Hilda's School, Singapore
12 Days Swiss Winter
Mario and Ann are very friendly, take good care of us just like our old friends.
- Khoo Keh Kuang, 54, Manager, Du Pont Incentive Group, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
8 Days Swiss Discovery
What I specially like about the tour is the flexibility of adjusting our trip according to the weather to avoid any wasted trip.
- Lim Ming Zhu 33, Land Transport Authority, Singapore
7 Days Enchanting Switzerland
Thank you for your flexible arrangements of tour and being able to rearrange according to weather and our preference. Your friendliness was a blessing to us. We are so glad our teenagers enjoyed themselves thoroughly! Thank you for a wonderful holiday! It is the most memorable holiday we have ever had!
- Wong Lai Kwan, Vice President, RBS Coutts Bank, Singapore
11 Days Swiss Winter
The tour is excellent. Great hospitality, small group, nice presentation, excellent weather arrangement, good advisory on which and what products necessary to buy or not. I like the walk in the woods behind Andrea & Mario's home and the stop by the river where Michael did some 'little dipping'.
- Wulan Amiruly 25, Homemaker, Jakarta, Indonesia
6 Days Swiss Discovery
Personal approach, small group, weather-dependent tour, 'professional' photography by guides.
The best customer service is the service you didn't expect.

Michael Pranolo 27, Lautanmas, Jakarta, Indonesia
(Wulan & Michael were here for their honeymoon.)
6 Days Swiss Discovery

I felt safe in the hands of the Tour 168 team. The pace was just right, not too rushed, not too much to cover in one day. The timing was adjusted to suit the distance travelled.
- Lim Bee Choo 57, Lecturer ITE, Singapore
10 Days Swiss View
Personalised to my needs, takes us off the beaten track - we saw Switzerland in its pure form, felt very safe and secure. The abseiling was a bonus and true experience for Laura (12 years). She can't stop talking about it!
- Ee Poh Luan 41, Communications Director, The Linde Group, Singapore
6 Days Swiss Autumn
Thank you for showing us this beautiful country .... the valleys, lakes, mountains, Alps etc. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and your warm hospitality. This trip has certainly exceeded our expectations and we hope to be back soon. In the meantime, take care and do keep in touch!
- Tang Liang Chai & Jacqueline Yong, Singapore
11 Days Swiss Spring




Excellent Service. What I specially like about the tour is the small group, very personal service, flexibility and helpfulness, very good local knowledge and history. I have thoroughly enjoyed my few days with you. You are very helpful and delightful. I have enjoyed your tour very much.

 Shona Bugden 48, Auckland, New Zealan5 Days Swiss Gems

Small group, flexible, more relaxing, tour according to weather conditions, special attention and services provided to all members of the group. We really enjoyed the trip under your good care. It was our best memory trip so far after joining so many tour groups travelling around many cities.
Tan Tai Nguang 56, MD, FASIA Pte Ltd, Singapore
We like your tour because you are kind, honest, helpful and friendly to us.
Liew Nyuk Moi 51, MD, Du Pont Incentive Group, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
8 Days Swiss Discovery
The pace of your tour is very suitable for senior citizens like us. Thanks for your excellent service, care and concern shown during the tour. We will definitely tell friends and relatives about you folks. Do send me your itinerary for the west when you have it ready. Warmest Regards,

- Patsy Lee Yoke Lan 61, Teacher, Yio Chu Kang Primany, Singapore
11 Days Swiss Spring

The specialised service and flexibility in the tour. Lots of food but very interesting. Specially like the road side snow fight. Would like to come back 2 1/2 years' time - winter. Enjoyed tour and your company very much.
- Scott Hawkins 39, Perth, Western Australia
8 Days Swiss View
The overall tour is very good - variety of scenery, friendly service and knowledgeable guidance. Thank you for showing us the beauty of Graubunden and the adjoining cantons as well as Leichtenstein, savouring the delicious food (dry meats, schnitzel, coffee, pastries etc ) as well as the memorable barbecue at your place. We enjoyed the tour with Tour 168 very much and have no hesitation to recommended Tour 168 to my friends. Viva Tour 168!!!!
- Lau Tat Meng 56, Businessman, (ex- SMRT project Mgr), Singapore
7 Days Swiss Spring
They boys (4 of them) and I had never seen snow, so everything we saw was very beautiful. All the lovely activities the boys did, they enjoyed very much.   Thank you Mario for ‘teaching’ them how to throw snowballs so well. 
- Wendy Karp, 52. Home Executive, South Africa
7 Days Swiss Fun
Flexible e.g. visit to places of interest are customised to suit travelers, optimised tour based on weather conditions and has not failed to cover most of the attractions. Excellent in handling issues.  The Tour 168 Team has been very patient throughout the tour and offered assistance where appropriate (especially all the heavy luggages, handling with care.) 
- Mr Wong Kee Mun & Ms Tan Kha Imm, Irene, Singapore  
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