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Wild Berry-Picking
Instead of picking your favourite blueberry, raspberry or cranberry off the supermarket shelf, why not picking them direct from the bushes or shrubs in the Swiss Alps? More fun, right?

Goat Herding
See how the older goats lead the younger ones from their stalls where they sleep at night to the pastures where they graze during the day. Walk behind them and they will show you the way. They even know how to cross the highway and bridge to get to their grazing ground.
(Available in August and September only.)

Squirrel Path
Just as curious to see you as you are about seeing them, some of these squirrels will come down from the trees to check you out. A few of are not shy to take the nuts from your hand. Look at how nice a squirrel may hold your hand while taking the food from you.

A name familiar to many business people and those interested in politics, this world-renowned town is located in the canton of Graubünden. It is where 2000 of the world's most powerful people meet for the World Economic Forum. Davos is also the highest city of the alps, i.e. the highest city in Europe.

Largest city in the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland. This third most important banking centre in Switzerland is where the fashionable go to see and be seen. Feel a different ambiance here.

Juf - Highest Hamlet in Europe
The highest village in Europe where people live year round. In summer, take a footbath in the nearby spring water from a creek.

Nice things in the nature can only be reached by foot. Take an approx. 30-minute walk along a path that was once covered with glacier to see one of Switzerland's glaciers that has not melted since the ice age which ended about 12,000 years ago. Quick! See it before global warming takes it away! It's melting each day!

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Summer is also a nice time for hiking in the Swiss Alps. See Hiking Highlights for more info.


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