Lake Cauma
At the bottom of a basin, in the middle of the forest, hides the wonderful turquoise-coloured Cauma ("lunch break")lake. The reason for the existence of this 'jewel' dates back to about 7000 years B.C. when there was a huge rockslide, in fact the largest ever been in the Alps. Today, this lake allows a laid-back pace at any time of the day with its idyllic banks and turquoise-colored water. Silver willows line the banks of this 'pearl', behind the lake lies a mighty pine forest. The water temperature is agreeable because the lake has a warm underground tributary. The turquoise lake is by far not the only body of water in the Alpenarena. Its neighbor is the Lag Prau Tuleritg, Romansh for 'lake at the pine meadow', which is also connected to the Lag Prau Pulté. (Available from April to October, swimming only on warm summer days from June to August)