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Bernina Express - Panorama Train Ride Through the Swiss Alps from Thusis (starting point of the UNESCO World Heritage portion of the Bernina Express) to Tirano (Italy)
This amazing route which is on track for the UNESCO World Heritage, dazzles you with its bold viaducts, fascinating tunnels in romantic valleys, glaciers etc. The Bernina range, the highest mountains of the whole of the eastern Alps in Europe with their glaciers, can be seen from this train ride. Picturesque sceneries. Train with panorama windows.
Price from Thusis to Tirano: 1st class: CHF162 per adult, 2nd class: CHF98 per adult (recommended)
Price from St Moritz to Poschiavo: CHF48 per person
Available: Year Round 

Important Note: If you take the Bernina Express only from St Moritz to Poschiavo, you will miss the UNESCO World Heritage portion from Thusis to St Moritz like the world famous Landwasser Viaduct where engineers from all around the world go to see; the impressive Solis Bridge - highest bridge in the Rhaetian Railway that was built on a gorge etc. After Poschiavo, you will miss the signature structure of the whole Bernina Railway - the looped Brusio Viaduct as well as passing through lovely orchards, vineyards etc. 

Boat Ride from Lake of Constance
A boat ride across Germany's largest lake and Europe’s second largest freshwater lake to a pretty little town with terraced streets lined with flowers and half-timbered houses.
Price: EUR4.00 per adult, EUR2.00 per child
Available: Spring and Autumn

Glacier Cave - Best Glacier Cave in Switzerland
Take a furnicular train and visit the best glacier cave in Switzerland. From the top, if the day is clear, you are able to see the highest range of mountains on Swiss ground. In summer, you will still see snow here. This is the snowboarders' mecca.
Price: CHF69 per person for train ride + CHF5 for entrance to glacier cave
Available: Year Round

Grossmünster Tower - A Walk Up
A walk up one of the twin towers of the Grossmünster will give you a breath-taking view of the city of Zürich and on a clear day, the Zürich Alps.
Price: CHF4.00 per entry to the tower
Available: Year Round

Heidi House

Visit the original Heidi house in the Swiss countryside. See the house just like what it was over 100 years ago.
Price: CHF7.00 per adult and CHF3.00 per child
Available: 15 March - 15 Nov

Horse Carriage Ride
Let Swiss horses take you on a carriage ride through villages in the countryside, passing lakes where families go to enjoy their summer or which freeze in winter. Have to book in advance.
Price: CHF30.00 per adult, CHF20.00 per child
Available: Year Round

Ice-skating on an Ice Field
Ice-skating in the open air on a frozen field.
Price: CHF5.50 per adult, CHF3.50 per child from 6 to 16 years
Available: Winter Only

Ice-skating on a Frozen Lake
Open air ice-skating on frozen lake.
Price: CHF10.00 per person
Available: Winter Only

Ice-skating in the Woods, along a River
Nice scenery. But only for those who know how to control their ice-skates while going down gentle slopes.
Price: CHF8.00 per adult, CHF5.00 per child from 6 to 16 years
Protective gears: a helmet, a pair of elbow guards, a pair of knee-shin guards: CHF10.00 - redeemable at the end of skating.
Available: Winter Only

Jungfraujoch Train Ride - Top of Europe
Take a panorama train ride to a pass called Jungfraujoch where the highest railway train station in Europe is at 3454 m above sea level. View from the top includes the Aletsch glacier, the mountains - Jungfrau and Mönch.

from Grindelwald and back at Lauterbrunnen
CHF172.00 per adult (Good Morning ticket: CHF148.00 per adult).

From Interlaken Ost
- 2 way
CHF182.00 per adult (2nd class) & CHF194 per adult (1st class).
Good morning ticket: CHF158.00 per adult (2nd class) & CHF170 per adult (1st class).

For good morning tickets, boarding to go up: 6:35 am. Boarding to go down: latest 12.30 pm (May-Oct) & anytime in winter.

Available: Year Round

Mount Titlis
Take an aerial cable-car with its world-famous Rotair cabin up to Mount Titlis capped with eternal snow.
Price: CHF82.00 per adult. CHF41 per child from 6 to 15 years.
Available: Year Round

Rodel/Summer Toboganning
Ride on the world's longest toboggan on rails (Guinness World Record).
Price: CHF22.00 per adult, CHF16.00 per teenager from 13 to 17 years, CHF9 per child from 6 to 12. Free for children under 6. CHF29.00 for adult with lunch at restaurant
Available: June to Oct, mid-Dec, Jan, Feb

Sea Life Centre (at Constance, Germany)
What you can expect at Sea Life Centre: Lake of Constance museum, mountain creeks, glacier holes, port Rotterdam during the Middle Ages, shipwreck, Mediterranean tunnel, North Sea ground etc.
Price: EUR11.50 per adult, EUR8.50 for children from 3 to 15 years, CHF10.00 for students.
Available: Year Round


Ski with the villagers on blue, red and black runs.
Rental for half-a-day: CHF27.00 per pair of skis, CHF12.00 per pair of ski-boots.
Ski ticket for morning from 9 am to 12 noon: CHF16.00 per adult, CHF10.00 per child from 6 to 16 years.
Ski ticket for afternoon from 12 noon to 4 pm: CHF23.00 per adult, CHF15.00 per child from 6 to 16 years
Available: Winter only

Tobogganing on a super sledging path with fantastic sceneries!
Rental of sledge: CHF20.00 per person
Available: Winter only

/ Winter Hiking
Wear snow-shoes and walk in deep snow.
Rental of snow-shoes: CHF30.00 per pair
Available: Winter only

Squirrel Path

Take a furnicular train up to an alp and walk down a path to see the squirrels, some of which will come down from the trees, also curious to see you.
Price for train ride: adults - CHF6.00, children from 6 to 16 years - CHF3.00 . Price for squirrel path: Free
Available: Summer Only

Stiftsbibliotek / UNESCO Abbey Library

Visit this UNESCO library with the prettiest roccoco hall in Switzerland and see how books were before printing was invented - rare manuscripts from the Middle Ages, with painstakingly exquisite penmanship.
Price: CHF7.00 per adult, CHF5.00 per child

Swiss Alps Visit - 360° Panorama View of Swiss Alps (Layer after layer of the Swiss Alps!) + Glacier Cave
Take 2 cable car rides to the summit of this mountain and have a panorama view of layers after layers of mountains plus the lakes below, one of which freezes in winter and permits horse-racing (White Turf) to take place. Visit also the glacier cave at the middle gondola station.
Price: CHF40.00 per adult. Children (6-15 yrs): CHF20
Available: Dec to Mar, mid-June to 3rd Week of Oct

Swiss Alps Visit - 360° Impressive View of Swiss Alps + Lakes & River Rhine
Take a chairlift ride to the mountain which you are able to see from your hotel room window (depending on which room you stay in) and be awed by the impressive 360° view of the south-eastern Swiss Alps.
Price: CHF24.00 per adult
Available: Dec to Mar, mid-June to 3rd Week of Oct

Swiss Alps Visit Close-up View of the Highest Mountain Group of the Whole of the Eastern Alps + Glacier
Take a cable car ride to this mountain peak for a close-up view the Bernina group of ice-packed mountains and a glacier that has not melted since the Ice Age which ended about 12,000 years ago.
Price: CHF33.00 per adult. Youth (13-17 yrs): CHF22. Children (6-12 yrs): CHF11
Available: Dec to Mar, mid-June to 3rd Week of Oct

Swiss Alps Visit to the Queen of the North-Eastern Swiss Alps

Take a cable car ride up to her summit for an stunning view of the Alps in 5 countries!
Price: CHF45.00 per adult, CHF23.00 per child 6 to 16 years, Free for children under 6 years old
Available: Year Round

Swiss Alps Visit to
One of the Mountains in the North-Eastern Swiss Alps for a Gorgeous View of 3 Countries

Gondola ride. With gorgeous view of 3 countries from her summit.
Price: CHF26.00 per adult, CHF13.50 per student 16 years and above, CHF10.50 for children under 16 years
Special Price for a group of 10 persons or more: CHF21.00 per adult. Price remains the same for students and children
Availability: Year Round

Swiss Alps Visit for a Splendid View of Southern Swiss Alps
A cog wheel train ride to an outstanding mountain with a splendid view of the southern Swiss Alps and its lake districts (even to Milan, Italy on a clear day!).
Price: CHF38.00 per adult, CHF29.00 - students from 13 to 18 years, CHF19.00 - per child 6 to 12 years, Free for children 5 years and below.
Available: April to Oct

Swiss Alps Visit - View of 1000 Summits! Layer after Layer of Swiss Alps!
Take a cable car ride and then a gondola ride to the summit of Rothorn and have a view of a thousand summits!
Price: CHF38.00 per adult, CHF19.00 per child.
Available: Dec to Mar, mid-June to 3rd Week of Oct.
Also available: Ascension Day: 9 to 12 May 2013; Pentecost/WhitSunday: 18 to 20 May 2013, Sats & Suns for: 25 & 26 May 2013

Swiss Hill Visit - Fornicular Train Ride

Taka a fornicular train ride up to a hill for a panorama view of the eastern Swiss Alps, lake plateau, towns and villages below.
Price: CHF27.00 per adult. Youth (13-17 yrs): CHF18.00 per youth. Children (up to 12 yrs): CHF9.00 per child.
Available: Dec to Mar, mid-June to 3rd Week of Oct

Thermal Massage Pools - Fresh Mountain Mineral Water
Experience what it is like to take dips in 6 indoor and outdoor fresh mountain mineral water thermal massage pools with cool surrounding air temperature or even with snow around you! The water will massage your shoulders, back, arms, thighs, bum, calves etc depending on which pool you are in and which part of the pool you are at.
Price: CHF25.00 per adult, CHF16.00 per child 6 to 15 years, CHF5.00 per child 5 years and below. Entry also includes usage of steam bath, sauna [have to be naked - compulsory, due to hygiene purpose], solarium.
Available: Spring, Autumn, Winter

Underground Lake - The Largest in Europe
Price: CHF10 per adult, CHF5 per child (5 to 16 yrs)
Available: 19 Mar to 1 Nov. 9 am to 5 pm from Mar-May + Oct; 9 am to 5:30 pm from Jun-Sep


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