Mount Muttler Camping & Hike
Samnaun, the starting village to Mount Muttler, has long been a winter paradise. But this alpine valley has also many attractions for summer visitors in store. It is a hiker's and biker's Eden blessed with intact nature, myriad activities and duty-free shopping. Shop at excellent prices in this Switzerland’s only duty-free area. Hike from Samnaun for about one-and-a-half hours over alpine pastures into a valley. Put up our tents and prepare our food on a log fire. In the morning, hike up to the top of Mount Muttler 3294m, the highest mountain of the region with a gorgeous view in excellent weather conditions. The hike is (Available from 16 August to 29 August. Hiking duration: First day - approx. 2 hours, second day - approx. 5 hours)